Thursday, September 24, 2009

Samsung YP K5 And Samsung YP K5 Media Studio - Exceptional Twist In MP3 player

Samsung YP-K5

The newer Samsung YP K5 is an exceptional twist on the MP3 player, providing a set of external speakers. The Samsung YP K5 is flash based and currently comes in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities with all of the standard MP3 player features: MP3/WMA audio playback, JPEG photo viewing, FM radio, and alarm clock. Samsung YP K5 ear buds are unique and are worth discussing. They fit inside of your ear canal, which provides outside sound isolation and much better bass. Samsung YP K5 ear buds sound good especially on the bass end of the frequency spectrum, but at the same time, all frequencies are shifted toward the lower end. Highs and mids sound flat and slightly muffled. The other issue with the supplied ear buds is comfort; having to wear them inside of the ear canal may not be comfortable for some people.

The Samsung YP K5 includes a software CD that contains Samsung YP K5 Media Studio. It will rip, convert, organize, and play. The only real advantage Samsung YP K5 Media Studio has over Windows Media Player is that it is much faster, especially when dealing with very large libraries of music. Other than that, Samsung YP K5 Media Studio is a fairly simple and under-developed media player. It works great. The design of the Samsung YP K5 is clean and no nonsense. The player feels solid and well built. The matte black finish and raised lip on the front of the player will keep the Samsung YP K5 scratch free under normal to heavy use. Samsung YP K5 audio quality is nothing amazing but slightly above average and even the photo feature is not the greatest and is more of a gimmick feature. Samsung YP K5 alarm is a great feature on this player and it takes full use of the player’s external speakers. The external speakers are what make the Samsung YP K5 unique and should be the deciding factor when purchasing this player. The Samsung YP K5 FM works just as expected - reception is as good as any other FM radio. Auto programming makes adding local stations very easy.

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