Thursday, September 24, 2009

Archos 605 WiFiu - fifth generation flagship PMP

Archos 605 WiFiu

The Archos’605 WiFiu is the new fifth generation flagship PMP that crams nearly every feature one could want into a PMP. They have even offered a few different capacities including a flash version with expandable SDHC memory that can add up to 32GB of flash memory when those capacities become available. The 800x480 pixel screen with a 24bit (16.7 million colors) screen looks fantastic at any viewing angle.

Archos 605 WiFiu has never been known for their designs Substance over design is a one way to go about it and that has been Archos 605 WiFiu mantra since their conception, but it would be nice to have a little something better than “whatever they had lying around.” The Archos 605 WiFiu has an awesome asset, the touch screen. Unfortunately it is not well used. The “Archos 605 WiFiu interface” was built years ago when touch screens were not available; now that a touch screen is part of their flagship PMP, they need to revisit and better integrate the touch screen into the user interface. A good way to approach this is to design the entire Archos 605 WiFiu interface so that the touch screen will stand on its own, building function buttons. The Archos 605 WiFiu has really great play list management support as well as bookmaking support. Play list management will allow you to create an unlimited number of play lists as well as manipulate the track order all from the device itself. Bookmaking is handled by a simple single press of the press of an icon on the left menu.

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